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Aaron Barnea
Aida Stolar
Alexandra Lazovski
Arnon Mogilner
Cacho Monastirsky
Deborah Lubelski
Diana Pomeranz
Edith Lomovasky- Goel
Eliahu Diner
Isa Markovich
Judith Blech
Liliana Shaine
Mauricio Feldman
Menajem Torchin
Moso Zepeniuk
Salome Achtsam
Tova Bruck
Vivian Hirsch Birkenfeld

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Ein Hod Exhibition

Testimony of Terror


Batuz Foundation-Société Imaginaire, is already twenty three years old. Its idea is that there are not frontiers in art.

To accomplish this idea, Batuz Foundation brings together people around the world, in spite of their different cultures, inhibitions, boundaries – people meet, coexist and share.

Art is mankind’s language, according to Batuz, that will provide Peace on Earth.

Arteria’s artists joined the invitation to participate in Batuz Foundation’s new project “Brotherhood Portfolio”. This project brought together plastic artists, writers and poets born in different countries or nations to create, acquaintanceship bridging their differences


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