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Eliahu Diner
In First Body
In Second Body A truthful advertising
In Third Body
Still Life
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A Truhtfull Advertising - For a different kind of eroticism
En face
Half profile
A Truhtfull Advertising - For a different kind of eroticism
Half profile
Half profile
Self-portrait with still life
Half profile
In Second Body A truthful advertising

A truthful advertising
(For a different kind of eroticism)

You are fascinated by the advertising billboards
Those signs of enormous dimensions which bring to us everything desirable
In them everyone is so beautiful, really beautiful,
And if you wash, dress, perfume and drink like them (they never eat),
Then you will look like them

And maybe
In a moment of magic, I will absorb a bit of this Hollywood beauty,
I will not grow old or used, I will not become fat or wrinkled,
Like any synthetic material of a good yield

A person stands naked in front of the mirror and easel,
A bit fat, a bit old, looking and feeling – this is also eroticism.
Despite it all – eroticism.

And I,
Take my charcoal and draw time after time
Press and draw and rub in, erase and touch and draw again,
With my palm and fingers and elbow so the charcoal will enter into the paper
And intertwine with it

Once in a while you return to the mirror, to the charcoal and the paper
Working and seeing hot the dimensions of the body – or parts of the face and body
Grow beyond their normal size
And reach proportions and textures of the advertising billboards
In black and white

Modest but secure in the right to existence
Of the beerbelly and the wrinkle,
The shortsightedness and the Semitic nose.

Dec. 1994

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