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Alexandra Lazovski
Oil - Acrylic
Art Prints
Black Ink
Mini Sculptures
Classic Figurative


Alexandra Lazovski - PLASTIC ARTIST

She was born in Montevideo, Uruguay (1961) and has been living in Israel since 1982.
Alexandra studied Art and Classic Painting skills with well known Uruguayan Artists such as: Clarel Neme, Pola Dutra and Edgardo Ribeiro Nario.
In Israel, she attended several art workshops.
In 2003 she received a Scholarship from “Batuz Foundation” International Art Workshops in Altzella, Saxony – Germany.

The challenge of creating “spot and line” intuitive works on canvas using oil or acrylic and a “one charcoal line” is part of an evolution from my “Formal Figurative” style of expression to a more spontaneous style; reflective of my state of mind art form.

I was inspired by Raoul Duffy, German Art Movement “Die Bruke” and influenced by my Graphic Design background.

The vibrant colors palette (reminiscent of the my Latin American mother country) together with a sensitive, black single line, reflect the dynamic, energetic and full of movement freedom, of expression I evolved to. The figures and landscapes are conceived from memory, out of a process of creative work, where conscious thoughts flow smoothly in a dialog between the subjective inner feelings to the so called objective outer forms. The challenge of placing less importance on the accurate representation of objects and celebrating instead the spontaneous personal expression and the act of painting itself!
It’s a balance of freedom and restrain - “to let what needs to happen-happen”


The Studio was established by the Graphic Artist and Art Director Alexandra Lazovski in 2004, with more than 20 years of experience in the Advertising and Design Israeli Market.

Alexandra has a Graphic Design Degree from UTU (Universidad de la Republica del Uruguay); she works since then with many Advertising Agencies and Graphic Design Studios.

Typography Designer of Hebrew Fonts such: Alexandra, Hugo, Junior, Adama, Johnny, Laso, Agita etc.
Alexandra teaches Hebrew Typography in Design Academies such as ORT and Aboodi Creative.

The Studio supplies the widest range of creative solutions to build the image of our clients: from the logotype and symbol, stationary and signage, to accurate marketing solutions and advertising campaigns.

Success in the market place, promoting ideas, entities, products and services using graphic design and creativity as a marketing power tool is the Studio’s commitment.
The accumulated experience in Corporate ID, Publishing, Advertising and other design disciplines allow us to achieve this goal.

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