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Arnon Mogilner
Moments I
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Arnon Mogilner  - Self Portrait through the camera
The painting "A moment with myself" , whose photograph also appears on the invitation to the exhibition, is the starting point to the whole display. The subject of the exhibition is "the moment" , that is to say it captures the very moment that the camera, placed in front of the mirror, perpetuates the look on the face of Mogilner who stands confronting it. Although "the moment" is short-lived, yet it comprises perceptions, memories and experiences that have built up throughout a lifetime, and we see "the moments" with the eyes of our imagination projected on the screen, passing by swiftly, in the split of a second.
The paintings in the exhibition are partly self portraits, partly portraits taken from photographs or from freezing TV portraits that try to express the feeling of the time that can't be grasped, the instant look and the passing scene. Mogilner mixes the images and the portraits to create new interactive scenes at times even producing the wrong impression of a commercial poster.
The use of water colour technique enables to produce transparencies, as well as unexpected games with colours. The "freshness" and uniqueness typical of aquarelle techniques in which there is "no way back" from the stroke of the brush, allows the artist to choose the preferred special moment.
From the technical point of view, Mogilner brings to attention the need for earlier planning of the work, due to the great difficulty in making corrections or changing direction after the work has been started. A great deal of caution is called for,  "walking amidst the drops", trying to keep the balance between the spontaneous and the rational.
                                                                                                                                          Udi Rozenvain

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