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Eliahu Diner
In First Body
In Second Body A truthful advertising
In Third Body
Still Life
Weekday Sights


Eliahu Diner      Born in 1947 in Berlin, Germany. In 1949 his family left to France, living again to Argentina in 1951.

He emigrated to Israel in 1973 joining Kibbutz Gaash. In 1975 he left the kibbutz and settled in Tel Aviv.

Art Studies:   In 1972, still in Argentina, he began his art studies at the studio of the
                      Argentinean painter Miguel Dávila.
                      In Israel he studied with Abraham Farji, Jan Rauchverger, Harold
                      Rubin and Uri Shtetner (1980-1987).
                      In 2002 he received his B.A. degree in Multidisciplinary Art Studies
                      and in 2006 he finished his studies towards the MA degree  in
                      Interdisciplinary Art Studies in the Tel Aviv University.

He became a member of the Tel Aviv Artist Association in 1992 and between 2000-2007  he directed the Print Workshop at the Tel Aviv Artist House. He continuous teaching Etching at the same workshop after then.

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