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Edith Lomovasky- Goel
Indian Women
Women celebrating
Maternity - the touch


Presentations abroad:
March 2001: Big solo in the Almada Institute of Contemporary Art, Lisbon , Portugal . Honour guest of the Mayor, for the international Women Day.
Portraits of Indian Hispanoamerican women. Patrocinated by the city and with the support of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

November 2002: I have participated in the Encounter of Mujeres y Letras at the Casa del Libro, Barcelona . My dissertation was focused on the issue of a woman poet translating other women poets in Israel .

November 2003: International Encounter of Women Poets in Mexico and Oaxaca . Patrocinated by the mixteca Institute and the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. First Israeli poet present in these encounters.
April 2005: Poetic Encounter in Berlin , Germany . Dialogue between Hispanic and German writers.

Projects on translation:
I'm the editor and translator on a bilingual anthology of women testimonials of war.
Israeli writers: at the moment I'm translating Rachel Jalfi and Sabina Messeg's poetry.

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