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Edith Lomovasky- Goel
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Edith Goel I was born in Argentina and emigrated to Israel in 1972 .
I hold a degree in Spanish and Latin-American Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a Graduate Certificate in Librarianship from the Haifa University .

Art Education:
I've learnt Art in Florence , Italy , at the Fine Arts Academy and Istituto di Porta Romana. Graphic Design at Haifa University.
Watercolour at Aharon April's studio.
Chiaroscuro and Drawing with Ioseph Hirsh.
Collography and etching with Dan Krieger.
Zen painting with Zen master Ishii Katsuo.

Artistic Activity:
I am an active artist. I search through my art spiritual paths. I work in a wide range of media- from pencil to acrylic, pastel and mainly watercolour and collage.
Member of Arteria, group of South American plastic artist residing in Israel .

Member of the Israeli Association of Illustrators.

I 've exhibited in many shows- solo and group, both in Israel and abroad.
My works are to be found in private collections and institutions in Europe- Holland , Germany , Italy , Portugal and Spain- Israel , Mexico , Argentina , Canada and the United States.
I'm deeply committed to the human figure and for the last years I've been working on the women image in Earth Cultures.

I illustrate poetry and narrative books and literary reviews.

As a cultural illustrator I've designed the cover of books of poetry and narrative in Europe- Spain and Portugal- and many literary journals, as well as my own poetry books.

Presently I am working on a dialogue between image and text- inspired on Sacred Scripts of different faiths- the Old Testament, the New Testament, Zen Buddhism , Greek Myths and Pre-Colombian cosmogony-. The visual works run from acrylic landscapes to collages and my own handwriting and it is called Homage to Horizon.

I have issued a new project which I call The Goddess Embrace : I produced collages which generated poems. The process is revealing and it takes the inverse way I usually go as an illustrator.

Another issue is Post-Trauma which portraits the impact of abrupt reality in my mind as a woman and as a surviver.

I was the President of the Israeli Association of Spanish Writers.
I write Poetry- widely published and anthologized through the three Americas,
Europe and Israel .-. I have written 8 Poetry books in Spanish and 2 in Hebrew.

I'm an active member of the Israeli Illustrators Association and the Association of Latin- American Painters and Sculptors.

My poetry has been translated into several languages: English, Hebrew, French, Italian, Portuguese, Mixteca, German and Swedish.

I won several Poetry awards : Lucila Palacios- Venezuela, Cosquin (Argentina), Voces Nuevas, Torremozas (Spain) ,Rey Venado( Mexico ), Bartolome Mitre (Argentina), Niederngasse (Switzerland), La Blinda (Argentina).
Non- fiction:
I've been writing literary reviews and cross-cultural essays in literary journals abroad.
At the moment I am sharing the foundational of the International Project of Women Testimonials Permanent Archive, as a board member . The goal of our initiative: empowering women , giving the space to their voices.

Teaching and coordinating experience:
I have been running workshops on Creativity, Creative Writing , Drawing and Art for 15 years - both in art and writing- based on diverse techniques of unlocking creativity.

Since my student days I have been teaching Art . The age range is wide: from elementary school, teens, students and adults. in the framework of the Plastic Arts Education Dept in the Jerusalem Municipality , the Jewish Agency, The Student Association and privately.
Recently I've launched a course aimed to unlocking creative skills based on the stimulation of the right hemisphere, which empowers adults, specially women.

I'm widely experienced in teaching Spanish Language and Literature for more than 20 years in Israel and have been the Spanish Dept. Coordinator at the Open U. and Set Seminars, Cervantes Institute, Tel Aviv University and in the framework of the Ministry of Education.

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