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Diana Pomeranz
Gallery 1


1968 National Art Museum , Rosario , Argentina
1986-87 Israel Artists Guild, Tel Aviv
1989 Beth Zrubabel Haviv, Rison Le Zion
1990 Tel Aviv artists, Shalom Towers , Tel Aviv
1991 Israel Artists Guild – “Artists from Zone 1 paint the Gulf War”, Tel Aviv, Rishon LE Zion
1993 “Shir-Art” Gallery, Rishon Le Zion
1994 “The Wine Festival”, Winery, Rishon Le Zion
1995 “Peace, Sport and Immigration” – Arts Center for Immigrant, Rishon Le Zion
1997 “Sand”, Arts Center for Immigration, Rishon Le Zion
1999 celebrating diplomatic relations between Israel and Argentina , City Hall, Tel Aviv (Exhibition Curator)
2000 “The bible in the Eyes of the Artist”, Bible House, Tel Aviv
2001 “The Bible in Line and Color”, Beth Yad Lebanim, Rishon Le Zion
2001 “Roots” – Beth Yad Lebanim, Nes Ziona
2001 celebrating 191 years to Argentina ’s independence – Eshkol Payis Gallery, Herzliya (Exhibition Curator)
2002 Honor of International Women’s Day, Beth Daniel, Tel Aviv
2002 “Homage to Jerusalem ”, Vongress Center , Jerusalem
2002 “Homage to Jerusalem ”,Beth Yad Lebanim, Ramat Gan (Exhibition Curator)
2002 “Homage to Jerusalem ”, Arts Center for Immigrant, Rishon Le Zion (Exhibition Curator)
2003 “The Wine Festival”, Winery, Rishon Le Zion
2000 Curator of exhibitionon behalf of Asaf Harofe Hospital , Cultural Center , Rishon Le Zion
2002 Set design for library in Beth Ariela - for the dramatization of the poem by Jose Hierro, “To sing in Yissish”
2002 Curator of exhibition in cultural center, Rishon Le Zion – exhibit of senior citizens celebrating 120 years to
         Rishon Le Zion
2003 Curator of exhibition on behalf of Asaf Harofe Hospital , School of Of physiotherapy, Cultural Center , Rishon             Le Zion
2004 Receives the title "10 woman of the year 2004" in management, technology and business in Israel

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